Open for service

Sunday morning services 2022

Join us Sunday mornings for worship at 10AM

led by Yukio Hamada, our interim pastor.

Gather with us for choir practice at 9:15

and coffee hour at 11:00 or so.

We are a traditional Lutheran church with a heart for good worship and great preaching.

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Our worship services follow the traditional Lutheran liturgy.  We enjoy hymns and praise music.   Communion is offered every Sunday.   ALL are welcome to commune at the Table of the Lord. 

Meeting Guidelines

Masking and distancing guidelines are somewhat relaxed as we follow the health and safety guidelines in the State of Oregon, Multnomah County, and the City of Portland. We are still avoid close contact while Sharing of the peace and communion and use individual communion cups. If you have a communicable illness, you may participate in the service (as may anyone who wishes) online through Zoom. Call the office (503-761-8202) for more information.

We host several worship groups on Sundays. Find times and dates on our calendar.

Community Services

The office and food pantry are open 10-1 on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Open 11-1 on Tuesdays. Please stop by for non-perishable food during office hours or call to make an appointment outside of office hours.

If you are looking for information regarding the recovery meetings or the churches that meet on our campus, please contact those leaders for information. Groups may meet while following the health and safety guidelines in the State of Oregon, Multnomah County, and the City of Portland.


  1. Bre smith

    I’m a single mother with two kids working two jobs and homeless. My kids and I have came for food and now that we have our place and saw you on the news I just want to say please please please I beg you to please don’t stop serving the the meals that motivate people like me who wanted more in life. Thank you god bless.

    Blessings and Greetings, Bre.
    We’re happy to serve and will keep doing so, God willing!

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