What is the Lutheran Church?

  • The Lutheran Church is known for worship services which center around the Word of God and fine musical tradition expressing the faith in the language of the people.
  • The Lutheran Church stresses education and provides a strong catechetical program for youth.
  • The Lutheran Church is a worldwide fellowship with a strong mission and service ministry to all people.
  • The faith of the Lutheran Church is grounded in Holy Scripture the creeds and confessions of the church: a faith which finds stability in often chaotic and troubling times.
  • The organization and services of the Lutheran Church are flexible to meet the changing needs of the people and to proclaim the unchanging love of God in Christ.
  • The central teaching of The Lutheran Church is the joy of reconciliation between God and people, people and their neighbors through the gracious love of GOD in Christ given as a gift.
  • The Lutheran Church does not legislate moral conduct, but seeks the motivation of Christ’s love to help us discover the appropriate shape of love for our neighbors.
  • The Lutheran Church is a sacramental church stressing Baptism and the Lord’s Supper as a means of God’s grace and Holy Spirit.

What should I know about the worship services? 
Worship is at 10 a.m. on Sundays. Worship has a friendly feel and is both liturgical and casual. All varieties of clothing are just fine. Children are welcome and there is a special kids time early in the service. We celebrate Communion each Sunday and all are welcome to receive communion.

Where do I park and enter the building for worship?
There are two church buildings on our campus. Worship is in the larger structure and it is entered from the north end. Park in either the east parking lot (accessed off Powell Blvd.) or the west parking lot (accessed off 144th Ave). Through the double doors you will be greeted and given a worship folder.

Which doors are handicapped accessible?
The main church doors are handicapped accessible, as is a door that leads to the church office on the west side of the main structure. Once inside the main church there is an elevator that connects with the basement where many fellowship activities take place. The smaller church building is also accessible through the door on the south side of the building. A concrete ramp makes this entrance available.

What is available for my children? 
Children of all ages are welcome and encouraged in worship. Children participate regularly in worship by serving as acolytes, reading, and helping the pastor. Children are also invited forward for a Children’s Message by the pastor and then invited to “Tiny Tims,” a special child-oriented education time during the message. Parents are welcome to attend “Tiny Tims” with their children. At least monthly we have activities for children, youth, and families. We have gone to softball games, hosted game nights, and enjoyed picnics.

What happens during the service? 
During worship we sing songs, hear God’s word and a message from the pastor, pray for the needs and joys of our community and the world, and share Holy Communion. The Holy Spirit gathers us in, feeds us, and sends us back out into the world.

What is the sharing (passing) of the peace of Christ?
The passing of the peace is a ritual of greeting where one person begins saying, “The peace of Christ be with you.” To this greeting the other responds, “And also with you.” This pattern goes back over 2,000 years and signifies that the unity we experience in Christ is greater than all the divisions or differences we have with one another.

How does the congregation observe communion?
All are welcome at Holy Communion, regardless of background or affiliation. If you are not able to come forward and wish to commune you will be served in your place in the pew. You will be given a wafer and invited to dip it in a chalice of juice. If you are able to come forward you might experience two styles of communion. One style is when we come to the rail and kneel or stand, picking up a small silver chalice on a wall rack near the front of the worship room. As we stand or kneel, the servers will offer a wafer or bread and then put either juice or wine in your little cup. The other style of communion we use is when we come down the center aisle to the rail, receive a wafer and then dip it either in a chalice of wine or of juice. This is an ancient practice and is called “intinction.”

What are your pandemic guidelines?
To safely gather for worship services, we follow and review safety measures regularly in keeping with leadership from the Oregon Lutheran Synod, the State of Oregon and the City of Portland in Multnomah county.  Our current guidelines are posted on our webpage.

Do you offer Christian education and training?
We offer confirmation class for students grade 7-12, Adult Bible studies, Sunday school, and Lutheran catechisms are scheduled throughout the year.  Are welcome to attend.  Call or consult our calendar for dates and times.

What is the church office’s telephone number if I have other questions?
Call (503) 761-8202

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