Several years ago, Betty Caramella gave me a box of ripe peaches and several blue mason jars. She was excited for me to see those mason jars filled with preserved fruit sitting beautifully on my shelves. She was right, those jars did look beautiful and the fruit was worth the effort. Each year as I pull down my mason jars to can the pears from my tree I think of Betty and her excitement over my beautiful mason jars filled with the blessings of God. A mason jar is a simple way to preserve the rich bounty of God’s blessings to us. Whether it is pickles, pear butter, or green beans, mason jars allow us to preserve and enjoy God’s blessings throughout the dark and cold months of winter. Opening up a jar and tasting the contents inside brings such rich joy. This Advent you are invited to prepare for the birth of Jesus through A Mason Jar Advent. This devotional is a way to make Advent simple and focus on what truly matters in life. Each day you will pull a tag out of the jar. The tags invite you into conversation or to take action. Pick up a Mason Jar Advent today in the Narthex (church entryway) or in the office. It is my prayer that you will be richly blessed through this devotional.

By Pastor Jen

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